Brown Derby



           The Brown Derby was opened by the DePippo family in 1934. What started out as a meeting place for local businessman quickly turn into a restaurant featuring lobster tails Italian specialties and later on Prime rib.  The DePippo family operated The Brown Derby for six decades, when it was then sold to the Lafferty's who continued to legacy of the derby for an additional 10 years. Finally it was sold to the Hudocks who closed the doors of the Brown Derby in 2014. 

            Ray Maxwell, owner and master chef, is bringing fine dining back to the area by Re-Opening the Brown Derby in a big new way.  Maxwell says "This will bring you back to a time when you went out to dinner, and your server would present you with a prime rib and a baked potato bigger than your stomach could handle.”  Maxwell said “ I’m trying to bring back family dining the way it used to be. I hold the traditions my family gave to me close to my heart, and you can taste the experience with every bite you take.”

           With the Derby back standing tall once again, we are so very proud to be a part of our town’s history and culture and we look forward to serving you an experience you'll have a hard time not telling your family and friends about.   - Chef  R. Maxwell

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